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Earn 1000k Online
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Usually PTC earning starts from very low ($0.02 - $0.10 daily). But if you stay active & apply some strategies then earning will increase time to time. It means, you must have patience and need time to grow your account and increase earnings in PTC. Currently many PTC sites are paying. But many of them pays only for 15 - 30 days. So it is also important to choose the sites carefully. We have tested many sites and have tried to build the TOP PTC List from our experiences depending on the Reliability, High & Faster Earnings and Payments System. But first of all you must need to have patience and stay active. If you work then you will succeed.

Our suggestion is to check FORUM > PAYMENT PROOF page, UPGRADE page and Payment Processors. We all have the chance to get back our hard earned invested money from scam sites if we invest with Paypal, Payza and STP. If you need any kind of help just feel free to send us a support ticket. 

There is a SHORTCUT way to earn Higher and Faster by Investing. In every PTC sites we can invest some money to increase our earnings faster. Infact, there is a big difference between the earnings of a Free Member & Paid Members. There are many ways to invest & increase earning like Rented Referrals, Revshare AdPacks, Shares etc. The more invest, the faster the earning is. So, if you can afford then you can invest to earn higher from the starting. But, before investing money, must try to Discuss with Experienced PTC workers and it is very important.   

You must need more Direct Referrals. But as a newbie most of us fear & don't at all try to get Direct referrals as we always think that who will join? But remember, these are all Wrong Thinking. To be successful you just need to START working PERFECTLY. If you continuously keep trying in many many sites then that is totally UseLess. Just start with some genuine high earning sites, stay active and apply some strategies. You will sure succeed.


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Since 2007 Clixsense is paying and running stable. There are many ways to earn in Clixsense. It is possible to earn high even without invest. Unlimited Direct Referrals. Very cheap upgrade price. Only $17 for 1 year Premium Membership.

Free Standard member's  daily click earning $0.03 - $0.05. Earn by doing CrowdFlower tasks and  from Survey.

100% paying and reliable site. Must join and promote your referral link to get more direct referrals to earn higher. 

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Paying INSTANTLY since 2014. Many ways to earn. Earn from Shares and Investments. Very very cheap Upgrade price. Just follow the strategy to earn upto $50 daily by purchasing the $0.50 only (30 days) Gen1 Matrix upgrade membership.

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EXPRESSPAID, paying since 2014 is Currently the BEST PTC Site because of their Reliability, Payment System, Active and Profitable Rented Referrals (RR) also Affordable Cheap Upgrade Memberships to earn even faster. 

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Cheap Upgrade Price. Many promo every week. Active Rented Referrals. Payment processors: Paypal, Payza, PM.

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Feel Free to contact with us for :

  • ​Strategy to earn faster
  • Techniques to get more direct referrals
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  • ​After joining a site check Forum > Payment Proof page for latest payment proofs.
  • Check the Upgreade Membership page for the earning systems and other stat.
  • Check Payment Processors. You can find them in Add Fund page. We prefer Paypal, Payza, STP because there is a chance to get back the investment if a site turned to scam.





I have started my PTC journey on 17th December, 2014. Since then I have joined in many PTC and Revshare sites. I have found many sites which are still paying, some sites gone closed or scam though many of them were very promising. I can say that if all the sites would have worked properly till todate then I would have earning $500+ Daily. From this experience I have selected some sites who are really doing very good and paying thier members and at the same time faster earning. I also have added some recently launched sites after testing for some days. All the sites added here are paying till todate. 

For STRATEGIES / TECHNIQUES for earning faster in different type sites, please follow bellow. 

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is the most important part for a website to get useful quality organic visitors who may be your next Client or Active Direct Referral.

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We get average daily 3 - 10 Direct Referrals for each program. Our site is at the top place of Search Engines for various keywords. So we get quality organic visitors who are searching for these programs.  So, there is a big chance that you will also get an average of 3 - 10 direct referrals daily from

STRATEGIES AND TIPS TO Earn faster with or without investMENT

Since 2014, INSTANT Payment, Many Ways To Earn

Trafficmonsoon is the best revshare traffic ptc. Always INSTANT payment. 100% Clicks Earnings from Referrals. Unlimited Direct Referrals. No need to invest for earning High. You just need more and more Active Direct Referrals. No Membership Fee. Earnings from own click $0.20 - $0.35 Daily. So if you have just 10 Active Direct Referrals then your will earn extra $2 - $3.5 Daily. Total earning will be $2.20-$3.85 and that's too Without Any Invest. Now just calculate, if you have only 100 Active Referrals, then you will earn $22 - $35 daily, only from Referrals and without any invest.  

110% ROI for $50 Adpack. Daily $1 for 55 days total return $55. Thought itr seems that, earninbg from adpack is very very low (2% dailY) but the truth is This Is The BEST Program to Earn Really High. Just need to follow a Strategy. We hope to discuss about the strategy as fast as possible.

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Adpack starting from only $5 to $50 returns 110% - 150%. Many many (75+) CashLinks from $0.0025 - $0.0150. So, it is possible for free users to earn faster than other sites.

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​​​Sites Like PAIDVERT$


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Turn $5 into $8 in just 5 Days, daily Return $1.60.  100% Referral Click. 

2nd PTC site from Express Family. Very promising and same High Faster earning like Expresspaid. Highly recommended Top PTC.

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Very Promising and Faster earning site. Join and get Free Golden membership for 6 months. Very active rented referrals.

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